On Indefinite Hiatus 

It’s come to that point that Cat and I need to re-evaluate this roleplay. As much as we love and have tried to make attempts at making this roleplay successful, we’ve hit that sad slump again and we’ve been here a while. It’s partly our faults as well as the activity level and we need to take some time to think about a new direction to take this in in order to make it active again. 

Firstly, we want to extend our apologies to those of you who have been pushing on in spite of everything from the very beginning — you were with us when we opened full of excitement, you stuck by us through our empty phase, waited with us during our revamp and came back just as enthusiastic as ever. We also want to recognize our newer members who gave us a shot even if it seemed hopeless. You guys seriously make this roleplay worth fighting for and we want to say thank you ever so much for being here and making This Revolution all that much more special to us.

'Indefinite' means that we're not sure how quickly our plans for bringing this roleplay back to life will take. We all have our personal lives, other roleplays we're involved in and for what Cat and I want to happen might take some time. But 'Hiatus' does not mean forever. This is still our roleplay and we're not giving up on it just yet. We just need to take some space, recollect, so that we can come back full force — hopefully bigger and better than ever.

In the meantime, don’t be a stranger! Many of you have our skypes, or know where to find us on Tumblr. Come talk, join a roleplay, fangirl — whatever it is that you feel. We seriously appreciate you and we don’t want to miss you. Much love to every single one of you!

See you on the other side,

This Revolution Admins.

Stefan Salvatore, accepted! 

Tyler,your Stefan sample was perfect and we’re so excited that you auditioned — even if we did hold you at gunpoint. Welcome to This Revolution! Make your account asap and send it in!

Out Of Character

Name/alias: Tyler

Age: 21

Timezone: PST

Personal blog we may reach you at (optional): matt-roerig

Level of activity (1-10): 9

Previous roleplay account: N/A

How did you find this group?: i was threatened at gun point to audition

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

In Character

Character desired: Stefan

Possible secondary character: N/A

Any changes you would like to be considered: None

Writing sample (at least 2-3 paragraphs or 400+ words; in character): (this is a recent drabble that I’m working on, I’d appreciate if you removed it if I was to be accepted)

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Anonymous asked:
When will you accept apps?

I don’t think we’re going with any of the ones we have now, so that would depend on the apps we receive from this point on.  Unless they’ve been reserved, we’re usually fairly quick about accepting apps we love.

Anonymous asked:
would you rather have elijah or benjamin?

We’d love either, but I’d prefer Elijah!

So happy with our activity last night and this morning. 

It killed me when my internet went out and I had to step away from all of the drama. All the paras and plots going on make me extremely happy, and I want to thank you guys for making it fun and give you a cheesy reminder that I love you.

We have tons of open characters, both canons and very important OCs that would get loved down extremely hard.  I know that we would all kill for the rest of our Originals or the wolf pack, or even the rest of the hybrids since they’re already running shit.  I’ll be on for the rest of the day in case anyone has any questions, apps, or wants to talk to us about a character!

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Tyler Lockwood, accepted! 

As always, your Tyler is superb, Sammy. But unfortunately, we’re not going to make him blonde. That’s just weird. :) Make the account and send it in!

Out Of Character

Name/alias: Sammy

Age: 23

Timezone: PST GMT -8

Personal blog we may reach you at (optional): http://www.sheisnomonster.tumblr.com/

Level of activity (1-10):5

Previous roleplay account: http://howlingfortyler.tumblr.com/

How did you find this group?: Uhhhh….do I need to answer, or..?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

In Character

Character desired: Tyler Lockwood

Possible secondary character: Dean Winchester

Any changes you would like to be considered: Can like Tyler be blonde?

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Quick announcement and rule change. 

After months of being open, we’ve decided to finally allow secondary characters!  As long as you’re active and para frequently, the only thing is that you can’t double up on females so we don’t demolish our ratio.  Anyway, a lot of our members have been asking so we decided it’s been long enough to finally implement it.  Woo!