Katherine Pierce | Eighteen/1041 | Vampire | [Nina Dobrev] | TAKEN

If you managed to live as long as Katherine has, you would have come to realize that it’s no easy feat. While she has been renowned as vindictive and manipulative, she’s still arguably the best escape artist and in her way of thinking, the ends almost always justify the means. If things don’t naturally go the way she wants them to, she has very little reserve when making them go the way she had intended. This includes her vanishing in 1864 after Stefan and Damon, both of whom she loved, were killed. In spite of her devil-may-care attitude, her own survival has always been her priority. After running from Klaus and his revenge on her for over five hundred years, Katherine was nothing if not a little relieved when she heard that Elena had a child. She had disappeared from Mystic Falls years before that, severing any communication she had with anyone so that she could leave without a trace. But knowing the Petrova bloodline was being continued, Katherine also knew that just a matter of time before another doppelganger would be born.

Her return isn’t as warm as she would have hoped, seeing as she hasn’t spoken to either Salvatore in centuries, but she isn’t put off by it, nor is she wavered by Jeremy’s demands that she stay away from the Sawyers. Instead, her attention is on Gabrielle the doppelganger, who shows promise and quite a bit more of that Petrova fire than her ancestor Elena had. She’s also nonplussed by Stefan and Damon’s claim to platonic feelings where the girl is concerned and is convinced they’re just lying to themselves. Her intentions have always been to undo what Klaus has put in motion, although none yet have seen Katherine’s recessed but protective instincts playing into her conniving plans yet. Having dealt with hunters many a time before, she thinks that the Winchester brothers could be of use to her so long as they believe that she will be of use to them.

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