They say time changes things, and in most cases, that’s true. Mystic Falls is fairly different now in the year of 2516 than it used to be. It’s peaceful, no longer carrying the heavy burden of a supernatural war.  However, this peace will be short-lived. Rumors of the existence of a new doppelganger have spread like wildfire, and now the Salvatores aren’t the only family paying a visit to Mystic Falls. The Mikaelsons aren’t far behind, and they’re followed by the Winchester brothers, who have caught wind of a little hybrid problem. It isn’t long before these events draw the attention of the supernatural community, and with a wolf pack set on revenge against Klaus for taking one of their own, along with several other creatures joining in on the fight, things are bound to get ugly. They say time changes things, but sayings like that never seem to apply to Mystic Falls.  Regardless of time – 1864, 2009, 2516 – it’s always just history repeating. 

We’re a revamped Vampire Diaries and Supernatural RP — set 500 years post-TVD canon and during season one of Supernatural canon, with tons of new original characters.  Come check us out!

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Kol Mikaelson → Twenty-one/1500+ → Original Vampire → Nathaniel Buzolic → OPEN

Ever since before becoming one of the strongest vampires in existence, Kol Mikaelson was reckless. All he cared about was having fun and it didn’t matter who he hurt or annoyed, he just did what he wanted. To the chagrin of his family, Kol did whatever he could to shake things up, using his charm and sharp tongue to put his family at odds with him. Becoming an Original vampire only doubled his tendency to wreak havoc, spending many centuries doing whatever he wanted and killing whoever he wanted to kill. For a very long time, Kol kept his distance from his family but always tended to return for his sister, Rebekah. Certainly, Kol was very protective over his little sister, not approving of her closeness to Klaus for fear of her safety. He still has not forgiven his big brother for staking him with the White Oak ash dagger and leaving him in a coffin for little over a century and intended on making him pay for it. But with promises of their family being restored to its former glory, Kol played nice for as long as he could in lieu of the pending circumstances. Between the deaths of his brother, Finn, and his mother, Esther, including the leaving of his older brother, Elijah, Kol decided to leave Mystic Falls after the doppelganger’s departure to college and see what has changed in the world over the last century.

The reckless Original put Mystic Falls behind him, setting his sights on having fun around the globe along with his baby sister, Rebekah, in tow. They had traveled all of Europe, visited where they were born and spent a century or two overseas. But the peace and relaxation could only last so long, seeing as how his brother, Klaus, would be calling them in once again, concerning the new doppelganger. With a quick, few, not-so-gentle words, Kol immediately denied his hybrid brother’s request and calling for his sister to do the same. Rebekah was, of course, hesitant to heed to Klaus’ beck and call for fear of being staked and put in a box for another century, but family was all she had and as soon as she caught wind of Elijah’s homecoming, she demanded that they were to follow in his stead. With rolled eyes and a grimace on his face, Kol reluctantly followed his sister’s wishes, soon finding their way back to Mystic Falls. Yet, the thought of stirring up trouble again and with the possibility of finally ripping Damon Salvatore’s head off, Kol gained a second wind and finally found a silver lining within the whole ordeal.

Elijah Mikaelson → Twenty-six/1500+ → Original Vampire → Daniel Gillies → OPEN

Even before he was turned into vampire, Elijah prized his family above all else. As the eldest of the surviving Mikaelson children, he’s always carried the responsibility of keeping them together and keeping them safe upon his shoulders. In comparison to his brothers and his sister, Elijah is clearly the one with a distinguishable moral compass, having an appreciation for human life that too often his siblings do not show. During the ages, Klaus’s actions have frequently put him at odds with his younger half-brother, but although Elijah’s goal to see his family reunited had never changed, he had begun to believe that it would never happen so long as Klaus was in control. After their mother’s treachery and Finn’s death, the thought of losing Klaus as well grieved Elijah. Gratefully when Klaus’s departure proved false, he left behind a vendetta against those he would choose to blame for his brother’s death and left Mystic Falls with what remained of his family.

Over time, as he’d been known to do, Elijah parted from Klaus, Rebekah and Kol, spending a considerable amount of time on his own. He had always known that they would find their way back to each other, but he had hoped that it would be on far better terms than Klaus’s renewed scheme to rebuild an army of hybrids. Although he would rather see Klaus abandon his desires, Elijah’s focus this time is more on keeping Kol and Rebekah out of range of the consequences their brother is surely bound to create. Elijah isn’t as cool and collected as he once was and would prefer that history not repeat itself, so he’s willing to play a more active part in salvaging what remains of his siblings. He’s heard rumor that Katherine has returned to Mystic Falls as well as the two Salvatore brothers and he seems to be hard-pressed to forget their short-comings and their deception and leave them to their own devices. 

Rebekah Mikaelson → Eighteen/1500+ → Original Vampire → Claire Holt → OPEN

Life as an original vampire has its ups and downs, at least for Rebekah.  For a long time she took advantage of the power it provided her, which was just in her nature, and she was relatively thankful for the way no one wanted to mess with her family unless they had a death wish.  However, she bores easily, and after over a thousand years walking the earth, she’s had to search for new sources of entertainment.  After everything was settled with Elena, who eventually agreed to continue giving small amounts of blood to Klaus every now and then while she lived out her human life, he and his family left town.  At the time, the relationship between Klaus and Rebekah was rocky at best, and because of their many recent disputes, she took a little time away and went off to college in New York, continuing her short semblence of a human life after her short-lived high school career was over.  She spent a little time on her own in the city for five years, only really staying in constant contact with Elijah.  After that short time, which really was microscopic in the grand scheme of things to her, she couldn’t resist attempting to reunite her family again.  After that, she went back to Klaus and continued to travel with him over the centuries and try to forgive him and leave the past in the past.  

She doesn’t have much personal interest in the new doppelganger, as she’s always been indifferent about Klaus’ hybrid plans, but she still agreed to return with her brothers to Mystic Falls.  She’s a little annoyed by the way everyone seems hellbent on protecting Gabrielle, especially considering how much it annoyed her with Elena last time.  Still, she’s secretly thrilled to have Damon and Stefan back in town, and the Winchester brothers are intriguing to her too.  The fact that they hate her guts is just a minor setback.  Despite how hectic and dangerous it was, she had some of the most lively times in Mystic Falls five hundred years ago, and she doesn’t intend on passing up the same opportunity again.  Once again, she’s enrolled in the high school and is embracing it to the fullest, craving a normal, teenage human life and passing it off as boredom.  She immediately takes an interest in Jackson Lockwood, and has her romantic sights set on him although she doesn’t want to be the first to make a move, at least not yet.  

Katherine Pierce → Eighteen/1041 → Vampire → Nina Dobrev → OPEN

If you managed to live as long as Katherine has, you would have come to realize that it’s no easy feat. While she has been renowned as vindictive and manipulative, she’s still arguably the best escape artist and in her way of thinking, the ends almost always justify the means. If things don’t naturally go the way she wants them to, she has very little reserve when making them go the way she had intended. This includes her vanishing in 1864 after Stefan and Damon, both of whom she loved, were killed. In spite of her devil-may-care attitude, her own survival has always been her priority. After running from Klaus and his revenge on her for over five hundred years, Katherine was nothing if not a little relieved when she heard that Elena had a child. She had disappeared from Mystic Falls years before that, severing any communication she had with anyone so that she could leave without a trace. But knowing the Petrova bloodline was being continued, Katherine also knew that just a matter of time before another doppelganger would be born.

Her return isn’t as warm as she would have hoped, seeing as she hasn’t spoken to either Salvatore in centuries, but she isn’t put off by it, nor is she wavered by Jeremy’s demands that she stay away from the Sawyers. Instead, her attention is on Gabrielle the doppelganger, who shows promise and quite a bit more of that Petrova fire than her ancestor Elena had. She’s also nonplussed by Stefan and Damon’s claim to platonic feelings where the girl is concerned and is convinced they’re just lying to themselves. Her intentions have always been to undo what Klaus has put in motion, although none yet have seen Katherine’s recessed but protective instincts playing into her conniving plans yet. Having dealt with hunters many a time before, she thinks that the Winchester brothers could be of use to her so long as they believe that she will be of use to them.

Tyler Lockwood → Eighteen/522 → Hybrid → Michael Trevino → OPEN

Tyler’s always lived a privileged life. As the mayor’s only son, he was given every opportunity – not to mention every pleasure – that was possible for someone growing up in a small town like Mystic Falls. He had always been considered an insufferable ass by his peers, seeming to care only about himself and giving no apologies. He thought his simple but luxurious life was over when he accidentally triggered the Lockwood family curse and was utterly humbled by the fact that he had become a monster. If it hadn’t been for Caroline or the mercy he had gotten from his friends, he would have been lost. And when he became Klaus’s first successful hybrid and never having to succumb to the torture of transforming again, his joy was endless, even if it was short-lived. He never expected to be bound to Klaus the way that he was and becoming a danger to those he cared about. His will and his love for Caroline being more important than physical pain, he eventually managed to break the sire bond and take a stand against his sire.

Since leaving Mystic Falls, Tyler has never felt more free. He’s unrestrained and appears to have more appreciation for the finer things in life, taking what he wants when he wants without regret. When Caroline tells him that they have to return to where it all began, Tyler is less than enthused. As far as he’s concerned, the doppelganger is Klaus’s business and after five hundred years of avoiding him, he’s not ready to dive headfirst into a war with the Originals again. Refusing to have unnecessary reclaims to his old life, Tyler doesn’t follow Caroline’s lead as far as appearances go. But he does take an interest in the new generation of his family, since they all carry the werewolf gene as well. He becomes especially fond of William, who reminds him quite a bit of himself and the kind of person he could have been.